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People talk about NFX

We could talk about NFX for days and nights, but It’s only fair to let our clients do the talking and give you an insider’s perspective of midas NFX.

Engineers across the world and industries rely on midas NFX every day for FEA analysis to design new products, provide engineering services and carry out research. The testimonials below are a small sample of the types of companies:

FEA Consultant

Chris Hollingworth
Director / Consultant
Infinite Analysis, UK
“Not only does the interface seem modern and intuitive, it still has the range of powerful tools that I use every day. ”
Sam Du Plessis
CEO / Consultant
Puremission, South Africa
“The key time-saving features which have become critical in my business are midas NFX’s streamlined user interface and a powerful analysis engine. ”
Matteo Vettori, Ph.D
CAE structural analysis & Composites
e-FEM, Italy
“Finally I found a good software without any headaches. Maybe the dream of all the engineers !”
Renier Janse Van Vuuren
CEO of Excellutions, South Africa, 18 years of FEA analysis experience.
“I brought a real life problem which is composed of 1200 surface models, which was meshed and solved within 3 hours and I think that just shows the real capability of midas NFX when it gets down to the actual work “

Shipbuilding & Marine

Vassilios Zagkas, Ph.D
Founding partner
SimFWD Engineering Service, Greece
“very few FE-codes can boast about having such a complete package, needless to say that many different types of analyses can be performed on one single platform in NFX”
Kong-mahn Park
SEHO Engineering, South Korea - Marine Transportation Solution Provider
“For mesh generation of a complete crane model which used to take us 15 to 30 days, using midas NFX, we can complete the work in a week, or even in as short as 3 days”

Plant & Machinery

Francesco Pellacini
Pellacini Engineering Srl, Italy - Food Processing Equipment
“The learning curve for midas NFX is very smooth and in a few hours of self-training I was able to perform my first engineering analysis.”
Youngsoo Seo
R&D Team Manager
Hyosung Goodsprings, South Korea - Industrial Pump Manufacturer
“It not only acts to immediately decrease the product design cycle but would continue to be used as an integral part of HGSs development process”
Hanwon Lee
Senior Engineer of R&D Department
Yunsung F&C, South Korea - Plant Equipment Manufacturer
“midas NFX provided us with first class accuracy compared to other relatively famous programs and for the same level of analysis capacity, the price was much more accessible to us”
Jungbin Mo
Head of R&D Department
Hanyang Industry, South Korea - Plant Equipment Manufacturer
“We purchased midas NFX in October 2013, and were already able to use it properly in projects in January 2014, showing how fast the software can be learned and implemented”
Eung-Young Choi
Hyosung Electricity PU, South Korea - Heavy Electrical Machine Provider
“NFX allows simultaneous analyses of multiple design plans, increasing the robustness and decreasing the time. With this new process, we have reduced our number of prototype tests to only one.”
Seung-heui Jeon
WOOSUNG Precision, South Korea - Moulding Solution Provider
“With newly implemented CAE, we were able to achieve design standardization and automation, thus reduce the delivery duration time from the initial 33 days to 15 days”

Automotive & Aerospace

Minchul Chun
Head of RD Department
SEJONG Industries, South Korea - Automotive Exhaust System Provider
“Before, desingers were only able to perform simple analysis tasks. With midas NFX, the range of what a designer can do with CAE has been extended significantly.”
Sang-Ryul Han
Head of FL Design Team
Hwaseung R&A, South Korea - Automotive hoses manufacture
“designers have more confidence on their design results, their design quality becomes better and their workload is cut into half.”
Tae-Joo Kim
Senior Researcher
Korea Aerospace Research Institute, South Korea - Rotor System Research & Development
“midas NFX also has great speed and convergence performance for nonlinear analysis, which allows us to conduct geometrically nonlinear analyses in a much shorter time frame”

Software Solution Provider

Ben Cudjoe
Design for Manufacture of Engineered Product
Intrinsys, UK
“Even junior staff can get running with NFX and produce an analysis within a few hours, which is very fast”
Amit Nirmal
CAD/CAE training wit ECIL and Solar Energy Installation
Shirsh Design Solutions Pvt Ltd, India
“midas NFX made me forget all the other software packages because of its easiness, accuracy, fast meshing and all-in-one interface”
Arik Braveman,
CEO of CADCAM, Israel, 3o Years of engineering
and management experience.
“We compared previous results to the result that we got in the midas NFX platform, And it was magnificent, the results are very similar and very accurate “
Palash Chaterjee
CEO of Allied Design-Soft Solutions Pvt Limited, India
“We went through the evaluation process, we saw a couple of demos provided by your team and we found that midas NFX is the right product that we're actually looking for”