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Structural analysis helps to strengthen injection moulding technology and shorten product delivery time
WOOSUNG Precision Co. Ltd., Solution provider of two-shot injection moulding, South Korea

Founded in 1993 as a solution provider of plastic injection moulding and die-casting production, WOOSUNG Precision Co. Ltd. concentrates on developing and manufacturing precision injection moulding, especially two-shot injection moulding. With about 140 employees WOOSUNG has developed business around fields such as household appliances, TV’s, monitors, etc., and it is also exporting two-shot injection moulding technology to companies in the automotive industry such as Volvo, Toyota, Honda, Audi, etc.

Two-shot injection moulding, a technology that WOOSUNG concentrates on, involves producing parts by combining components of different materials or colours into a single cycle. It is becoming more popular as it reduces cost and improves the products exterior. “Double injection moulding is a highly advanced area and WOOSUNG possesses all of the technology currently available with regards to automated two-shot injection technologies. It is also the only Asian company that is capable of producing large-scale moulds that go over 400 tons,” explained director Jun-Ho Lee.

Implementing NFX for the structural analysis of moulds

Woosung Precision Co. Ltd. has been utilising CAE software in their forming analysis since 2003. In 2005, the company formed a dedicated CAE team, and in 2010, the company expanded its usage of CAE by implementing midas NFX for structural analysis.

Through NFX, Woosung Precision Co. Ltd. has been performing structural analysis focusing on weight reduction and structural deflection. Structural analysis is effectively used especially for TI mouldings as understanding the strength of the guide plate and its deflection is crucial.

“Reducing the weight of the mould will not only reduce the cost of the material, but also reduce the cost of shipping when exporting to foreign countries. Therefore, optimizing the mould design through structural analysis is very beneficial to us and choosing the optimal gate position is critical in plastic moulding. This task used to rely on the designer’s personal experience but with midas NFX, this can now be done more precisely based on analysis data,” explained Section Chief Seung-heui Jeon.

fea analysis cases of Hyosung with midas NFX software

Shorten delivery time with a design standardization system

WOOSUNG Precision Co. Ltd. works on building a standardization system combining CAD, CAE and CAM software. “The ultimate goal is to improve product quality, reduce cost and shorten delivery times. We encounter strong competitors in the global market; the Japanese companies that possess advanced moulding technology and Chinese companies that dominate the low price market.”

“We strategically focus on the high demand for shorter delivery periods, and a design standardization system will be the solution. We completed a database for design standardization in 2007 and with the database and newly implemented CAE, we were able to achieve design standardization and automation. The results surpassed our expectations, in that we were able to reduce the delivery duration time from the initial 33 days to 15 days,” said Jeon.

WOOSUNG plans to raise the technology of two-shot injection modelling to a higher level by developing injection modelling involving more than 3 colours. “In this project, we plan to use midas NFX to inspect the mould’s durability according to its complex structure, as well as to optimize the cooling line of the mould core. More staff will be involved in structural analysis as well, which will only assist in helping us to advance quicker into untapped markets.”

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