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Sam Du Plessis, Puremission, South Africa

In a competitive, fast paced consulting environment. The analyst is faced with the challenge of getting the results out with the least number of modelling iterations, and having confidence in the results. This is where NFX excels. The key time-saving features which have become critical in my business are streamlined user interface and a powerful analysis engine.

Streamlined User Interface

Having grown up with UNIX based FEA systems from years gone by, NFX came as a breath of fresh air to me with an intuitive user interface and a logical workflow. Gone is the cryptic menu system that requires days of training to learn to do simple analyses. And learning new types of analyses only involves working through a tutorial by myself or watching a webinar. I must admit that I do not utilise the simplified “Designer” interface much as I prefer the complete control over the modelling offered in the “Analyst” interface. Post processing is also great with intuitive selection of result types and easy-to-use tools to drill down into results.

Powerful Analysis Engine

The multi-frontal solver makes good use of the available computer resources to produce quick, accurate results.

Value For Money

No high-end FEA suite will ever be accused of being cheap. And maybe it should not be. Getting excellent value for the investment is however still sought and NFX delivers impressive value for money.

Support from midas NFX Team

Becoming a midas IT customer was like joining a group of friends and where one is valued and respected. My dealings with the NFX team has always been pleasant and the team has been responsive when issues were encountered.


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