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Francesco Pellacini, Pellacini Engineering Srl, Italy

What do you think about midas NFX?

midas NFX amazed me at the very first sight. The ease of use, the workflow and the speed of analysis are impressive comparing to other more established software. That’s why I took the opportunity and chose relatively new midas NFX. I’m very happy about my choice now.

What’s special about midas NFX?

One advantage is the fast speed to learn the software. The learning curve for midas NFX is very smooth, and after a few hours of self-training I was able to perform my first engineering analysis. This is unimaginable before.

I personally find the dual-mode interesting too. Although I use “Analyst Mode” mostly for the analysis projects. The “Designer Mode” allows me to make quick decisions with simplified analysis even in the early development stages of a project, giving me the opportunity to make a safe and quick orientation to my work.

I also use it to prepare presentations for the early stage negotiations with my customers. Simulation is a great way to demonstrate the professionalism of my work and to strengthen my position in relation to competitors, the ability to perform analysis quickly is strategic from this point of view.

pressure vessel analysis with midas NFX

Finite element analysis of pressure vessel model with midas NFX


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