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Partnership Opportunities
Partner Programs
MIDAS promotes success of its customers. Comprehensive Partner Programs are available for those who share the same philosophy to maximize the benefits of the customers. MIDAS builds its success on the success of the customers and its partners.

MIDAS has an extensive partner network to deliver the most effective and comprehensive set of solutions to the market. If you wish to join the winning team, please contact us to learn more about the performance, interoperability and reliability of the products and how you can benefit from providing the MIDAS services in your region.
MIDAS셲 partnership types:
MVP (MIDAS Value-added Partners)
MVP or MIDAS Value-added Partner is a distributor that maintained 3 years of excellent partnership with MIDAS. An MVP is granted exclusive distribution rights of all MIDAS products in a specific country or territory. Also, full responsibility and rights are granted for business, technical support, sales and marketing in the local market. Business partnership meetings are held two times per year to support business growth and further development of the MVP relationship.
Standard Distributor
A distributing partner officially enters into an exclusive or non-exclusive agreement with MIDAS IT for a particular country or territory. The partnership agreement is maintained or renewed annually with the responsibility and rights granted towards exclusive or non-exclusive distribution of MIDAS products. Cooperative relationship is maintained with MIDAS IT towards local business, technical support, sales and marketing.
A temporary partnership with MIDAS IT for a particular country or region through a simple non-exclusive contract is granted. Limited rights are granted for distributing MIDAS products in a particular country or region. The reseller focuses on sales and promotion activities in the local market. The core strategies and executions related to business, technical support and marketing are carried out or supervised by MIDAS.
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