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Hyosung Good Springs, Industrial Pump Manufacturer, South Korea

Since 1962, Hyosung Goodsprings (HGS) has designed and manufactured centrifugal pumps used in the oil and gas industry. Not content with being South Koreas largest producer of pumps, HGS wanted to establish themselves as the first choice supplier of quality industrial pumps for the global energy industry.

Due to a rapidly growing international customer base, HGS quickly realized that they needed to address the challenges associated with competing in the global marketplace. Mr. Youngsoo Seo, the director of research and development at HGS, was tasked with finding a CAE solution that would not only act to immediately decrease the product design cycle but would continue to be used as an integral part of HGSs development process.

Although HGS used CAE analysis since 2010, Mr. Seo noted some inefficiencies with their use that were hampering productivity.

Our existing CAE tools were difficult to learn for new users and the analysis quality was highly dependent on the engineers experience with the particular software. We needed a software package that was easier to learn without sacrificing analysis features. We were only using CAE to validate final designs, and we believed we should be able to use CAE at an earlier stage of development for guidance allowing us to converge on a superior design in less time. We also needed a solution that would allow our engineering teams to easily incorporate cost reduction features into their designs, which is particularly relevant due to raw material costs increasing globally, explains Seo.

Mr. Jongbeom Kim, a senior research and development engineer at HGS explains; Our pumps are required to operate at high pressures and speeds. We needed to perform various analysis on our designs to be certain that they would perform optimally while meeting strict standards for safety. We needed a solution that would allow us to perform these critical analysis tasks in less time.

Having requirements clearly in mind, HGS began evaluation of Midas NFX. Within a very short time it became clear that Midas NFX was the solution that HGS had been looking for. The software interface was easier to learn and use the old software, enabling them to integrate NFX into the design pipeline more quickly. NFXs solving speed is particularly impressive, which allows HGS to make more efficient use of computing resources since computing resources are freed up more quickly to run other design related tasks.

Before using NFX, HGS had to rely on consultants outside of the company for projects requiring advanced analysis. Now HGS engineers are able to perform simulations at each stage of development, resulting in increased flexibility in the design process. Quality feedback to even complex problems can be performed in house, leading to a more streamlined development process with less wait.

Mr Kim continues; We have been very happy with the high level of technical support and training resources that Midas made available to us prior to, and perhaps more importantly, after the sale. Moving forward, we plan to train our entire engineering staff on NFX, and expect to significantly reduce our development lead time on several active projects. Pump manufacturing is a highly competitive industry, and there is no question that we must take the appropriate technology decisions now to be well positioned in the future to stay relevant in our market. Using Midas NFX in our design operations is already paying short term dividends, and we're confident that it will help us to achieve our long term goals.


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