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Fast and Responsive Solvers

A solver which takes hours to compute a simple problem might be the most frustrating thing a FEA consultant can meet, because you can do nothing else is the mean time. We understand that, and this is why we made a solver which is fast and responsive. Here’s why:

Work and solve several models at the same time

With the actual computational power in workstations, you can literally solve and work in parallel, without any pitiful loss of time. Work on one model, solve it, then open another model and work on it while the solver is working on the first one. Several solvers can even run at the same time. Nothing will ever limit your work power.

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The fastest 64 bits multi-core solvers on the market for structural and CFD

After numerous tests and comparisons, we assure you that midas NFX has the fastest solvers you will ever see on the market. We saw some clients reduce their typical analysis time from days to hours and from hours to minutes. Try it and you will be amazed!

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Using GPU to solve huge model is possible!

If you have a very large model of several million elements it is almost impossible to solve on a traditional machine? This is where GPU computing provides the best performance. The bigger your model is the more time your GPU can save. Average increase in performance oscillates between 2 and 20 times. Just imagine the gain in productivity!

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