Affordable price, with special supporting plan for small sized consultant companies

Immediate Cost Benefits

Why should you pay so much for using multi-core and on maintenance? midas NFX’s pricing structure could improve your cost-efficiency from day one.

30% less to pay for a comparable FE solution

midas NFX includes, as standard, many of the analysis capabilities which usually require additional software purchases. And all analysis types are performed on one unique platform. This delivers an incredible discount on high-end capabilities like Nonlinear, Dynamic, Thermal, Optimization or Fluid Dynamics.

Multi-core and GPU processor at no additional cost

midas NFX harnesses the power of all the cores in your computer and even the Graphical Processor unit without any additional cost. You can save a lot of cash while still being efficient at your project.

Non-compulsory maintenance

Every copy of midas NFX purchased is YOURS for life. Maintenance provides awesome additional technical service and the latest software updates, but it is non-compulsory and you will always be able to use midas NFX.