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Biomaterials & Bio Mechanics
Designers and manufacturers of medical devices are challenged to deliver reliable and high quality products; invest in technology innovation; at the same time control product costs and prices.

midas NFX answers all the high end analysis requirements for medical equipment design. It provides all the analysis required (linear, nonlinear, dynamic, fatigue, optimization, thermal, fluid dynamic, multi physics ) in one unique interface. Additionally with the Designer / Analyst interfaces of NFX, designers and engineer can achieve better collaboration through true simulation driven design.
Solution Cases of Biomaterials & Bio Mechanics
Relevant Analysis
Nonlinear Static Analysis
NFX provides excellent convergence and effectively calculates material, geometric and contact nonlinear analyses.
  • Material nonlinearity
    - Material models: elastoplastic, hyperelastic
    - Hardening behaviors: isotropic, kinematic, combined
    - Hyperelastic material models: Mooney-Rivlin, Neo-Hookean, Polymoial, Ogden, Blatz-Ko, etc.
  • Geometric nonlinearity
    - Large displacement and large rotation considered using the Updated Lagrangian method
    - Follower force: pressure, gravity force, concentrated load, etc.
  • Contact nonlinearity
    - Three-dimensional surface-surface contact, single surface contact
    - Contact behaviors: single-body motion, sliding, rough contact, general contact, interpolation link, friction
  • Various load increments
    - Automatic load increments
    - Quasi-static load increments using functions
  • Various iterative methods, stiffness update method and convergence criterion method
  • Composition of continuous/independent load conditions
  • Status of convergence and interim results during analysis, re-analysis (restart)
Fatigue Analysis
Contact Analysis
Fluid Dynamic Analysis

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