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Electronic Parts
Electronic products are complex to design and have different types of requirements on the shape, the size, the resistance, the heat dissipation and heat deformation.

Midas NFX provides a full range of simulation tools to analyze electronic parts and optimize the design of such parts. Midas NFX provides static and nonlinear structural analysis, as well as steady state and transient thermal transfer and thermal stress analysis, along with fluid dynamics/heat coupled solutions to investigate the flow of heat as well as natural convection around electronic equipments.
Solutions of Electronic Parts
Relevant Analysis
Contact Analysis
NFX 2012 uses the latest contact analysis function to analyze complex assembly models and nonlinear contact motions. Contact surfaces are auto-searched from which contact conditions are subsequently defined in an assembly model of any complexity.
  • Three-dimensional surface-surface, point-surface, single face contacts
  • Various methods to define contacts
    - Automatic definition for each analysis case
    - Contact definition wizard, manual definition
  • Contact behaviors suitable for practical work
    - Single-body motion, sliding, general and rough contacts, interpolation link
  • Coefficient of friction, modulus of rigidity, possible to define shell thickness to simulate contact on both sides of shells
  • Various results including contact force and contact stress
  • Heat contact to simulate heat conduction between discontinuous parts
Heat Transfer/ Thermal Stress Analysis
Nonlinear Static Analysis

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