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Display equipments are always becoming bigger and flatter, which creates real challenge on the design of such equipments.

Midas NFX provides a full range of simulation tools to analyze display equipments and optimize the design of such equipments. Midas NFX provides steady state and transient thermal transfer and thermal stress analysis, along with fluid dynamics/heat coupled solutions to investigate the flow of heat as well as natural convection around display equipments.
Solutions of Display
Relevant Analysis
Heat Transfer/ Thermal Stress Analysis
NFX 2012 offers practical heat transfer and heat stress analysis capabilities. Especially heat stress analysis is provided as an independent analysis case. As such, a single analysis can produce temperature results by heat transfer and thermal deformation/thermal stress results.
  • Steady and transient heat transfer analyses
  • Nonlinear heat transfer analysis function considering temperature-dependent materials and conditions
  • Various load conditions
    - Heat generation, conduction, convection, radiation, heat flux, initial temperature, fixed temperature conditions
  • Thermal contact function to simulate heat conduction between discontinuous parts
  • Heat transfer analysis function considering cavity radiation
    - Open/closed conditions
    - Radiation shape factor calculation
  • Effective transient heat transfer analysis using sensor
    - Automatic termination of analysis based on standards
    - Minimum/maximum/average temperatures in a selected domain defined under the sensor conditions
Nonlinear Static Analysis
Explicit Dynamic Analysis

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