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General Parts
midas NFX provides an integrated design and analysis environment that allows the mechanical simulation of any type of industrial equipment part or component. midas NFX also allows the designers to make quick checks of their designs simply and quickly using automated templates, whereas FEA analysts can harness all the power of nonlinear static and dynamic analysis to perform any type of virtual testing. Nonlinear material models such as hyper-elastic nonlinear material models and composite material models are provided to allow the mechanical simulation of almost any industrial part.
Solutions of General Parts
Relevant Analysis
Linear Static Analysis
Using the superb analysis performance and the linear contact function of the high performance parallel processing solvers (multifrontal & AMG), models of any complexity can be analyzed quickly and accurately.
  • Linear stress, displacement and safety factor calculations
  • Linear contacts: single-body motion, sliding, interpolation link
  • Prestress function
  • Diverse and yet practical loads and boundary conditions
    - Loads: self-weight, centrifugal force, concentrated load, moment, temperature, pressure, beam load, pipe internal pressure, remote load, bolt load, etc.
    - Boundary conditions: constraint condition, symmetrical condition, MPC condition, etc.
  • GUI based subcase definition, calculation of results and transformation of result coordinate system
  • Outstanding analysis speed due to high performance parallel solvers
    - Direct method: multifrontal solver
    - Iterative method: AMG solver
  • Checking practical analysis results (convergence error caused by mesh density, etc.)
  • Extraction of stress results using surface elements
Modal/Buckling Analysis
Nonlinear Static Analysis

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