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Industrial Machinery
Industrial machines are diverse and require very specific and different types of analysis. Servo robots require accuracy and precision along with different types of dynamic analysis. Certain equipments like rubber forming equipments require specific nonlinear hyper-elastic material models. Semi-conductor equipments require thermal and fluid dynamic coupled analysis to fulfill to ensure safety and resistance to thermal deformation. LCD equipments need to be lighter and thus require to be optimized to support the loads within certain deformation tolerances.

midas NFX provides all the solutions to overcome all these challenges in the sector of industrial machinery.
Solutions of Industrial Machinery
Relevant Analysis
Nonlinear Static Analysis
NFX provides excellent convergence and effectively calculates material, geometric and contact nonlinear analyses.
  • Material nonlinearity
    - Material models: elastoplastic, hyperelastic
    - Hardening behaviors: isotropic, kinematic, combined
    - Hyperelastic material models: Mooney-Rivlin, Neo-Hookean, Polymoial, Ogden, Blatz-Ko, etc.
  • Geometric nonlinearity
    - Large displacement and large rotation considered using the Updated Lagrangian method
    - Follower force: pressure, gravity force, concentrated load, etc.
  • Contact nonlinearity
    - Three-dimensional surface-surface contact, single surface contact
    - Contact behaviors: single-body motion, sliding, rough contact, general contact, interpolation link, friction
  • Various load increments
    - Automatic load increments
    - Quasi-static load increments using functions
  • Various iterative methods: stiffness update method and convergence criterion method
  • Composition of continuous/independent load conditions
  • Status of convergence and interim results during analysis, re-analysis (restart)
Heat Transfer / Thermal Stress Analysis
Topology Optimization Analysis

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