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Automotive Body
Automotive bodies are required to be resistant, lighter and also safer. This is where Mechanical simulation becomes useful. Virtual crash and impact tests decrease tremendously the costs of physical prototyping and testing, allowing cars to be safer and more economical at the same time.

midas NFX answers all the high end analysis requirements for crash and dynamic analysis of body frames. It is the only mechanical simulation software which provides simple linear static analysis as well as nonlinear dynamic explicit and implicit analysis in the same work environment.
Solutions of Automotive Body
Relevant Analysis
Fatigue Analysis
NFX 2012 can conveniently examine fatigue and durability using an independent post-processing function. Fatigue analysis can be conveniently performed with only minimally required input data. The structural analysis domain can now extend from traditional strength checks to durability checks.
  • Fatigue analysis in time domain (fatigue analysis by time-dependent load and stress history)
  • Damage level, fatigue life results
  • Analysis objects designated (boundary, global, user-defined, etc.)
  • Rainflow Counting, Mean Stress Correction options
  • Selection of evaluation stress (Signed von-Mises, absolute maximum principal stress)
  • Linear/multi-linear S-N curve
Nonlinear Explicit Dynamic Analysis
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