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Natural Convection Analysis


External flow simulation around a product is important to understand its aerodynamic characteristics and the pressure distribution induced by the fluid on it.

Costly wind tunnel experiments can be reproduced very simply using midas NFX CFD to be sure about the performance of your product.

13 turbulence models are provided to study in details turbulence phenomena.

Result Types

Natural Convection provides the results necessary for the thermal design of products under normal product life circumstances.

The velocity and distribution of the air flow around the model, caused by heat generation, can be obtained in order to be able to improve the efficiency of the heat dissipation, for example (LED, electronic products, heat sync,).

Thermal distribution can be obtained in a Steady and Transient State as well for the purpose of analysis.

Application Examples

midas NFX CFD has been used in the design phase of the Electronic Board box on the right to evaluate the heat dissipation through natural convection and the flow conditions around the box itself.

Velocity inlet condition, pressure outlet condition and no slip wall condition have been used as boundary conditions along with a k-琯 turbulence model to determine the flow characteristics in the Electronic Board box.

CFD results permitted to assess the flow conditions caused by heat transfer and to improve it in consequence.


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