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Forced Convection Analysis


Forced convection is created when the movement of heat in the liquid is induced by a fan, a wind or a coolant.

CFD analysis is required to study it because the movement of heat is non uniform and related to the movement of the fluid.

Forced cooling can be analyzed with midas NFX CFD in steady state or transient CFD analysis, and solid parts can be considered in conjunction to fluid to assess accurately, the cooling rate and temperatures inside the model. 

Fan Curve

midas NFX CFD provides direct input from the fan curves provided by fan manufacturers along with mass flow inlets to analyze more conveniently, the forced cooling in electronic PC Board models.

The direct input of the fan curve simplifies the analysis process and decreases the complexity of the model for designers.

Application Examples

midas NFX CFD has been used in the design phase of the ICSS Server Box on the right to evaluate the heat dissipation through the fans.

Velocity inlet condition, pressure outlet condition and no slip wall condition have been used as boundary conditions along with a k-琯 turbulence model to determine the flow characteristics in the ICSS Server Box .

CFD results permitted to assess that performance improvement was possible with a simple design change.


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