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Topology Optimization


Topology Optimization is a type of optimization which optimize the mesh density in order to fulfill given design criteria and design constraints.

The maximum displacement or maximum stress can be set and the optimization process will then produce the best design which uses less material but reaches design goals at the same time.

Topology Optimization provides a real help to the designers which can rely on optimized shapes to improve the ratio quality/cost of their design.

Result Types

Desired material density can be selected to obtain the volume reduction wanted and then the optimized shape can be generated.

The optimized shape can be exported and re-meshed automatically along with associated loads and constraints, to work further on it directly in midas NFX and perform other types of analysis on the optimized shape.

The optimized shape can also be exported in an *.STL format in order to work on it in an external CAD or graphical software.

Application Examples

Topology optimization is especially useful in the consumer goods industry to optimize overall shape and get new insights about new innovative and original designs.

Midas NFX Topology optimization have been used in the example on the right to save a lot of material and get a better design at the same time. It is also a way to obtain interesting design alternatives.


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