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External Flow Analysis


External flow simulation around a product is important to understand its aerodynamic characteristics and the pressure distribution induced by the fluid on it.

Costly wind tunnel experiments can be reproduced very simply using midas NFX CFD to be sure about the performance of your product.

13 turbulence models are provided to study in details turbulence phenomena.

Result Types

Midas NFX CFD provides all types of results required to assess the behavior of a fluid outside a product: Velocity, pressure, pressure gradient, density, viscosity, kinetic energy, wall shear stress, vorticity for turbulence.

13 turbulence models are available: Mixing length model, 1-equation K model, 1-Equation k (Two layer) Model, 1-Equation Spalart Allmaras, 2 equations k-琯 model, (simple, 2 layesr, launder Sharma) , 2-Equations k- (Simple, SST), 2 equations k-kt model, Smagorinsky LES, Implicit LES and detached Implicit model.

The interface of midas NFX CFD is the same as NFX structural, which makes it possible to couple the CFD results with structural analysis and obtain precious information about your products structural behavior (Fluid structure interaction).

Application Examples

Midas NFX CFD has been used to solve critical issues due to the Kuwait Olympic Stadium셲 irregular shape. In this specific case, standard wind loads according to construction code couldn셳 be applied and only a CFD external flow analysis could provide the needed results.

Through CFD analysis, wind loads have been calculated successfully according to the shape and precious design information has been obtained.

Due to the software being able to calculate pressure tables on the stadiums surface and analyze the wind flow under strong wind loads, this brought a huge value to the project and cut costs considerbly.

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