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Internal Flow Analysis


The simulation of the internal flow of a product is useful to determine some critical design issues that cannot be found without using CFD simulation.

Understanding the flow characteristics like velocity inside a product, helps to target the specific zones where velocity is higher in order to prevent further failure due to corrosion. Moreover, the areas where velocity is too small, can create some stagnant fluid areas and cause the deposit of unwanted particles inside the product. 

Result Types

Midas NFX CFD provides all types of results required to assess the behavior of a fluid inside a product: Velocity, pressure, pressure gradient, density, viscosity, kinetic energy, wall shear stress, vorticity for turbulence.

The interface of midas NFX CFD is the same than NFX structural, which makes it possible to couple the CFD results with structural analysis and obtain precious information about your product structural behavior (Fluid structure interaction).  

Application Examples

Midas NFX CFD have been used in the design phase of the semiconductor CVD Chamber on the right to evaluate the shower Nozzle셲 injection uniformity.

Velocity inlet condition, pressure outlet condition and no slip wall condition have been used as boundary conditions along with a k-琯 turbulence model to determine the flow characteristics in the CVD Chamber.

CFD results permitted to assess that performance improvement was possible with a simple design change.


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