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Join NFX 2013 Online Release Seminar

Join NFX 2013 Online Release Seminar

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NFX 2013 is releasing on June 20th. We prepared an online seminar to introduce to you this revolutionary FEA generalist software. With its all solution-in-one interface, intuitive workflow, high-end analysis capacity, NFX 2013 will definitely be the one on 2013 FEA must-know list. Join us to know more!

Is it for you? 
No doubt, if you love FEA and believe CAE tools should be more effective
especially if you are:
1. CAD designer who want to carry out some serious large assembly FEA analysis
2. FEA analyst who needs various high-end analysis with small-middle budget.
3. CAE or CAD software distributors expecting to extend your market opportunities. 

What will you learn? 
1. Live demonstration of NFX 2013 new enhancements and benefits
2. Linear/nonlinear static analysis with simple workflow
3. Large assembly contact analysis
4. Simple definition of composite material laminates
5. Nonlinear implicit/explicit sequential analysis in one unique environment

Added Value
All attendees will be given a coupon to try full version of midas NFX 2013 during 60 days *
* Sorry that Trial license for United Kingdom is limited to 30 days only

Choose your session to Join!
GMT 9:00~10:00 am, June 20th, 2013   Join this session竊뉳urope/ Asia/ Africa/ Australia Friendly竊
Paris/Rome 10:00 am; Pretoria 11:00 am ; Mumbai 1:30pm; Bankok/Jakarta 3:00pm, Beijing/Kuala lumpur 4:00pm

 EDT 8:00~9:00 pm, June 20th , 2013  Join this session竊늈S/ Canada Friendly竊
CDT 7:00pm; MDT 6:00pm; PDT 5:00pm; Beijing/Kuala lumpur 8:00am

GMT 9:00~10:00 am, June 25th, 2013  Join this session
Paris/Rome 10:00 am; Pretoria 11:00 am ; Mumbai 1:30pm; Bankok/Jakarta 3:00pm, Beijing/Kuala lumpur 4:00pm

Interested but too busy to attend, slide copy and video record only  Request for material

NFX 2013's High-Light Enhancements:

Nonlinear Heat Stress analysis

Perform Nonlinear Heat Transfer Analysis fully coupled with Nonlinear Static Analysis to investigate Heat stress deformation at any step of the simulation.

Nonlinear- Implicit Dynamics:

This new analysis type which can be coupled with NFX explicit dynamic analysis will help you to perform more complex nonlinear analysis, more quickly and efficiently.  

Size Optimization:

Optimize your model properties (material, plate thickness,) to obtain the best compromise of resistance and fit your design criteria.

Mid-surface Generation:

Create 2D shell model automatically from 3D CAD model to perform better FEA analysis.
Email: Info@MidasUser.com

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Join NFX 2013 Online Release Seminar