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Nonlinear Explicit Impact Analysis Video Tutorial
March 16 2012      Version : Analyst Mode
Performing and understanding the functions of basic explicit nonlinear dynamic analyses using midas NFX
- Explicit nonlinear dynamic analyses are used mainly to verify designs against collisions and falling components.
- Examine the nonlinear behavior of the structure subjected to dynamic load over a period of time. - The major results such as node displacement, velocity, acceleration and element stress are found by the explicit nonlinear dynamic analysis
- In this tutorial, simulate simple collision in the structure to examine and understand the structure셲 behavior in each step.
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Computer Chip Heat Stress Analysis Video Tutorial
March 9 2012      Version : Designer Mode
Understanding Thermal Stress Analysis
- Understand heat transfer and thermal stress analysis
- Verify the results (displacement, stress) of the analysis.
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Response Spectrum Analysis Video Tutorial on Steel Brace Frame
March 2 2012      Version : Analyst Mode
Understand how to apply loads and boundary conditions for response spectrum analysis.
- Assign automatically response spectrum function (KBC 2009)
- Obtain X Spectrum and Y Spectrum displacement values
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Auto-Update of Analysis Conditions Video Tutorial
February 23 2012      Version : Designer Mode
- A simple re-analysis of modified CAD model is enabled by Model Analysis Auto-update.
- Without any relation with the analysis type and similarities of selected model, all the analysis conditions can be automatically transferred to a modified model based on the color defined. Therefore, simple definition and re-analysis of the model is possible.
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Linear Static Analysis Video Tutorial 2
February 16 2012      Version : Designer Mode
Learn to cleanup a geometric model and to use icons for defining a symmetry condition.
- Cleanup holes and fillets, which do not affect the analysis.
- Use icons to define the symmetric condition.
- Learn to use various post-processing functions (Total Displacement, Von-Mises Stresses, Safety Factor, Probe results, On-Curve Diagram,
Mirror Plane View, Clipping Plane & Iso Value Surface)
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Linear Static Analysis Video Tutorial 1
February 9 2012      Version : Designer Mode
Understand the Procedure and basic functions of midas NFX (Designer)
- Understand fundamental analysis Procedure
- Follow the example at each step of the work flow
- Review the basic analysis results (displacements, Von-Mises stress, etc.)
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