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Plane Frame Analysis Video Tutorial
November 23 2012      Version : Analyst Mode
This tutorial is made to help beginner users of midas NFX to understand how to use beam elements and how to perform a simple 2D frame linear static analysis.
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Bracket Modelling and Analysis Video Tutorial
November 23 2012      Version : Analyst Mode
This tutorial is about simple modelling and static analysis of a bracket.

Midas Pre/post interface is easy to use to create any kind of FEA model and perform fast analysis on it
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Heavy Equipment Analysis Video Tutorial
September 19 2012      Version : Designer Mode
This tutorial is about simple static analysis of heavy equipment material using midas NFX.

Static analysis on big assembly models can be easily done using Auto-contact, simplification and auto-mesh features.
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3D Mesh Creation Video Tutorial
June 13 2012      Version : Analyst Mode
Basic Tutorial about 3D mesh generation in midas NFX Analyst Mode.

Download Tutorial     Youtube Link
Pipe Thermal Stress Analysis Video Tutorial
May 2 2012      Version : Analyst Mode
Basic tutorial for pipe Heat stress analysis

This tutorial explain how to use the free surface mesh selection tool to define the thermal boundary conditions on the pipe.
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2D Shell Mesh Creation Video Tutorial
April 25 2012      Version : Analyst Mode
Create your 2D shell model quickly and conduct any type of Analysis on it in midas NFX Analyst mode.

Various features for direct mesh creation can be used. For example, you can create mesh by Extruding, Revolving, Filling, Sweeping, Projecting 1D mesh, or even directly from the geometrical edges.
Download Tutorial     Youtube Link
Basic CAD Modelling Video tutorial
April 17 2012      Version : Analyst Mode
This is a Video tutorial to learn the basics of modelling in midas NFX.

Through a series of steps from generating an analysis model using a CAD model to analyzing and generating an automatic report, midasNFX guides the users to effectively conduct the entire process of analysis and evaluation of results.

midasNFX enables both expert and novice users to easily generate optimum mesh for analysis through a number of auto-mesh generation options.
Download Tutorial     Youtube Link
Fatigue Analysis Video Tutorial
April 11 2012      Version : Analyst Mode
Fatigue cracks are influenced by various factors such as weld defects, stress concentration, stress range, cyclic stress, etc. The cyclic loading initiates cracks on the structure and eventually will lead to fracture. Therefore, a detailed investigation on the property of vulnerable site is required.
The Fatigue Analysis is performed in two methods: Stress-life and Strain-life methods. The Stress-life method uses a relatively simple algorithm and, thus, the time duration of the analysis is short since the calculation is simple. In NFX-Midas, the Fatigue Analysis is performed by Stress-life method as S-N Curve is used.
Download Tutorial
Linear Buckling Analysis on Stiffener Video Tutorial
April 3 2012      Version : Analyst Mode
Understanding basic Buckling Analysis
- The buckling analysis detects the instability of the structure.
- The instability of buckling structure is irrelevant to the strength of the materials; rather, it is closely related to the geometric shape, stiffness and boundary conditions of the structure.
Download Tutorial
Transient Heat Transfer Analysis Video Tutorial
March 26 2012      Version : Analyst Mode
Applying necessary conditions for transient heat transfer analysis and verifying the results of the analysis
- Apply thermal transient load (fixed temperature, gradient, heat flux, heat generation)
- Apply conditions terminating the analysis (Sensor)
Download Tutorial     Youtube Link

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