Affordable price, with special supporting plan for small sized consultant companies

Responsive Technical Support

In MIDAS, we provide not only the software, but also the knowledge to use it effectively and efficiently. Call us idealist, but we do that to make changes in the world, to make engineering advance possible, and march towards the future side by side with our customers.

The immediate benefit for the user is that he, or she, can be trained and supplied with the best online support material to become highly productive. Content that is provided at the pace that they are comfortable with, at any place and any time, and at the lowest possible cost.

24 hours email/phone support during opening hours

Have you ever felt stuck on one model simply because you didn’t know the analysis procedure? In those cases we are always ready to help to be sure that you will understand the correct way to perform the analysis. We’ll even send you free training materials that we have and tutorials that fit best your analysis needs.

Customized on-demand webinar and training

If you need some guidance or training on a specific topic, we can organize customized training by one of our FEA experts just for you. He will take into account the specificity of your project and show you efficient ways to analyze it and get the results you need.