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Model Management with Ease

Managing models in midas NFX is easy. There are plenty tools that help you to select, check, show and hide any part of your model

Select whatever you need with "Selection Toolbar"

When the FEA model is complex and has many faces, it may become difficult to select the right faces, areas or loads. midas NFX's selection toolbar provides various options to select any shape quickly and easily that will allow you to be more productive and prepare faster your finite element model.

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Show / Hide Elements

Showing / hiding elements from screen might not sound something big, but it can be troublesome if you have the wrong tool. midas NFX pays attention to this, and many other details that will really facilitate your work.

In different ways you can show / hide elements from screen, and none of them will take you more than several clicks.

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Multi-model View

In midas NFX, you can work on several models at the same time. Multi-model view shows several project files in the same screen. You can conveniently compare analysis results of different models and make corresponding modifications.