Affordable price, with special supporting plan for small sized consultant companies

Very Fast learning Curve

midas NFX software is easier to learn by design. Engineers can become confident users in a matter of days!

Familiar Ribbon Menu Interface

All features are organized logically in an easy-to-understand "Ribbon Menu". Icons are immediately recongnizable and some nice desciption of each feature is provided with explanatory pictures.

Comprehensive Step-by-step tutorials and videos

We release almost every week new tutorials and videos, so you have plenty of materials available to study, for free.

PDF Tutorials

Watching video is a great way to learn FEA. It's informative, it's visual, and you can study at your own pace. In our Youtube channel, you can find videos on almost any FEA topic, and we are adding new ones all the time.

Youtube Channel

We've received lot's of good comments on the learning curve of midas NFX. Here are two examples:

"Learning new types of analyses only involves working through a tutorial by myself or watching a webinar." — Sam Du Plessis | Puremission

"Even junior staff can get running with NFX and produce an analysis within a few hours, which is very fast." — Ben Cudjo | Intrinsys