Affordable price, with special supporting plan for small sized consultant companies

All-in-one interface

Taking all the building blocks and variety of elements you would expect from a Professional FEA software and combining it with a modern, simple and intuitive interface… all that without compromising on the flexibility,this is midas NFX promise!

You can do so much with one unique analysis model

midas NFX supports more than 30 types of analysis from Linear Static to nonlinear dynamic and Flow analysis…all that from 1 unique user interface… imagine the gain of time it provides!

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A Software Build for Game changers

Built from the ground to include all the tools(geometry editing, auto and manual mesh, loads, BC, rigid and Flex Body, post processing and CFD) in a single click interface.

Structural, Thermal, Fluid analysis… couple the analysis together!

Midas NFX provides Multiphysics capabilities for Structural, Thermal, CFD, Optimization, Electricity that can be coupled together… all that in one unique interface.

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