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midas NFX brings real solutions to a growing network of customers in various industries, going from automotive, equipment & machinery to electronics, energy and health Care. Check out project applications below and what our clients have to say.

Application for different industries

As FEA generalist software, midas NFX is applicable in a large variety of industries for both designers and analysts.

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Worldwide Happy Clients

What feeling is it to earn more projects, being more efficient and saving cash at the same time? Listen to what our clients have to say

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"Pre-processing is just in a different century.  NFX is scalable and systematic, making it far superior for ‘multi-study’ projects.  This greatly reduces engineer time and opens the user up to large Automatic split lining for solids and shells (this takes ages in SW for complex models)"

Tristram Bracy | DC White, UK

"In Poland, all the projects that bring money are the most complex projects than the companies cannot solve by themselves. With midas NFX, we were able to get and complete 3 complex Nonlinear and fluid dynamic analysis projects in 3 months and this is why we are very satisfied with midas NFX."

Piotr Harnatkievisk, CEO | Komes, Poland

"I consider midas NFX especially attractive for anyone starting a simulation consulting business. Anyone who needs to extends his FE capabilities or differentiate his business. midas NFX is a total solution because it handles structural and CFD calculations with the same simplicity and interface. It is also very scalable because you can start with little investment and imrove whenever you need more capabilities."

Matteo Vettori | e-FEM, Italy