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Geometry Processing

Ever had some difficulty to handle geometry in your FE Software package? midas NFX makes your model processing journey faster and more enjoyable.

Start your FE journey with any CAD format

CAD geometry can be directly imported into midas NFX from all the major CAD programs. The data translation is fluent, efficient and with minimum loss.

Supported formats include: CATIA, Inventor, Pro-E/Creo, Solidwords, Solid Edge, Parasolid, Unigraphics, ACIS, STEP, IGES, etc

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Need to work on a Nastran format model? no problem!

Using midas NFX, one can import and export FEA input files in the standard NASTRAN format (.nas; .bdf) CAE Data can also be exported under text format in order to support the integration with a 3rd party solver.

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Geometry manipulating tools close to CAD

If the geometry manipulating tools remind you those built-in a CAD package, this is not a coincidence! We are integrating all you need to be efficient right in one place.

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Simplify and de-feature complex CAD model

Ever had this sensation that the designers were making the CAD models over-detailed for FEA? This is unfortunately what happens in most of the companies and to make this CAD processing less painful, we integrated a bunch of tools which will make your life easier by removing unnecessary details.

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