Affordable price, with special supporting plan for small sized consultant companies

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The Solution to FEA Consultants’ Challenges

We collected all the FEA Consultant Problems that our clients have and we search for solutions
Then we decided to explained those solutions to you an interactive way

The best way to check out the useful features is to test by yourself
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What’s Your Challenge?

  • I want to
    start a FEA business

    I am starting my new FE Consulting company and I need a robust but affordable FEA software to start.

    See how we solve that
  • I want to
    upgrade my business

    I am getting very complex projects and I need to upgrade my software’s capacity.

    See how we solve that
  • My tool
    slows me down

    The pre/post of my FE Software is too difficult or too slow to use for real and complex projects.

    See how we solve that
  • My tool
    drains my money

    I am paying too much every year for FE Analysis software.

    See how we solve that

Best features of midas NFX that are important to you

  • GUI

    Efficient and Modern GUI

    Get all the latest FEA tools in one efficient and modern interface.

    What's special about our GUI?
  • FAST

    Fast Solver - Our Goal

    midas NFX’s 64 bits solvers and GPU Solver are just amazingly fast.

    How fast is NFX?

    Price Advantage

    Get the latest and most advanced FEA technologies at a gentle price.

    What can you save money?
  • Accurate

    Quality & Accuracy without compromise

    Check with NAFEMS Benchmarks, you have the assurance of accurate results.

    How do we prove accuracy?

    Intuitive and Easy to Operate

    Our clients are confident with midas NFX within the first month

    Confident user within a month?

    Incredible Support

    Incredible free learning resources and support within 24 hours.

    How do we support?

What other consultants say about midas NFX

In my experience it's unusual for a small business to have high level CAE capability, the cost of such systems are usually reserved for medium to large companies. For a business beginning with a single person, most software of this nature is just not cost effective.

Before discovering NFX, I was only able to offer my services to companies who already had CAE capability, they were just looking for a temporary increase in skilled users. Furthermore, as a small business you often attract other small businesses, who would like CAE support but don't have the capital available to pay a larger business with expensive software. With NFX, I can afford to charge a sensible rate as my own software costs make that possible.

Read the story Chris Hollingworth, Infinite Analysis, UK
  • “very few FE-codes can boast about having such a complete package, needless to say that many different types of analyses can be performed on one single platform in NFX. ”

    Vassilios Zagkas, Founding Partner SimFWD Engineering Service, Greece
  • “Finally I found a good software without any headaches. Maybe the dream of all the engineers ”

    Matteo Vettor, Owner e-FEM, Italy
  • “NFX came as a breath of fresh air with an intuitive user interface and a logical workflow. Gone is the cryptic menu system that requires days of training to do simple analyses.”

    Sam Du Plessis, CEO Puremission, South Africa
  • “midas NFX provided us with first class accuracy compared to other relatively famous programs and for the same level of analysis capacity, the price was much more accessible to us”

    Hanwon Lee, Senior Engineer Yunsung F&C, South Korea

Time to Change the Game

In NFX, we respect game changing spirit. Whatever size and form you company takes, we believe you have the right to access the right FEA tools and support that will help you to design better products, solve more complex problems and ultimately become a game changer of your industry.

NFX provides incredible opportunities for the smallest companies and FEA consultants including an average cost that is 30% less than similar capability FE solutions. It provides multi-core and GPU computation at no additional cost and non-compulsory maintenance.

Piotr Stepien,
midas NFX Tech Support